Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions for guests

These terms and conditions prevail over all bookings made with City Living Apt  AB org number 556624-6426 hereafter referred to as CLA.
The User declares that all of the details and information provided are correct, and that he understands and accepts all of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that are set out hereunder.
CLA is a short term apartment agency were we are solely acting as an agent between apartment owner and guests.


Booking terms

In order to secure your dates you need to complete the booking process on this website. When booking an apartment you pay either 50% or 100 % of the total amount depending on apartment. Banktransfer is only possible if it´s more than 10 days prior to your check in date. CLA is completely scam free and do not pay out any rent to owners before you have checked into the apartment.
When you make a booking you are obliged to read thrue all information on the apartment page. Pay extra attention to the Special condition section as that is the terms and conditions from the apartment owner.
You are liable to enter your correct information in the booking form. 


Cancellation policy


This is CLA´s  cancellation policy. Some of our "top hosts" might have their own specific cancellation policy and their policy is in that case stated on their apartment page under special conditions. You are in this case obliged to follow their cancellation policy.


CLA cancellation policy: When booking an apartment you will pay 50% or 100% of the total rent in advance. If cancelling more than 30 days prior to your arrival you will be refunded what you have payed minus 12% of the total rent. If cancelling 30 days or less before arrival you are refunded 50% of the total rent (if you have payed only 50% at the time of booking there is no refund), and cancelling less than 15 days before arrival there is no refund. For cancellations due to know weather conditions, environmental disasters and other unpreventable events, CLA is still obligated to abide by the cancellation guidelines stated above. However, at the discretion of the host´s or CLA, you might be offered credit for another stay. We do recomend that you have trip cancellation insurance.


If the apartment becomes unavailable

CLA hold no responsibility if the apartment becomes unavailable for some unforeseen reason. If this happens you will be fully refunded. But we will also do our best to give you another alternative.



Apartment capacity

The number of persons allowed to stay in the apartment is based on how many persons sceduled and payed for.
You are under no circumstances allowed to have more guests in the apartment than payed for. Exception for this is infants/babies under the age of 2.
If  you misrepresent yourself you will either need to pay extra or are asked to leave without refund.



Arrival and departures

You are obliged to respect the check in and check out times. If the apartment is not emty by the time set for latest check out this might result in a fine.
You are expected to leave the apartment tidy with no left over dishes or garbage as this might also result in an extra cleaning charge. 



The apartment will be cleaned before your arrival. When you check out you are expected to leave it tidy with no left over dishes or garbage. If you fail to do so an extra fee might be charged to your credit card or withdrawn from the security deposit.




CLA or the apartment owner bare no responsibility for a guests allergic reaction or sickness. We can not guarantee that an apartment is completely free of any animal hair as there might have been cases were an animal has been brought into the apartment without our knowledge. But please be sure to choose an apartment that states no pets or no smoking.


Complaints and maintenance

CLA and Private hosts are making the best effort to keep the apartments in good working order. If there is any problems or damages your are obliged to report it to CLA or the Private host immidiately so that we can fix it. We reserve up to 24 hours to repare the problem.

Incase of unforseen mechanical failure such as internet service, electricity etc there is no refund.



Entry into the apartment

 CLA and Private hosts reserve the right to enter the apartment if neccessary. Offcourse we will try and scedule an convinient time.




You are responsible for yourself and other guests in your party to follow our terms and conditions. You are  obliged to take care of the apartment and the properties within. Rearranging furnitures or removing items from the apartment i prohibited. Do not leave any windows open when the apartment is unattended. Remember that the apartment is under your care and if there is a burglery or damages because the window or front door was not locked properly you will be obliged to pay the costs.
You agree to pay any costs of damages done to the apartment or building, any missing items, additional cleaning fee of extra dirty apartment that has occured during your stay. If the apartment is in such a bad state that it can not be rented you will also need to pay costs for loss of rental days. If the costs of damages is higher than the security deposit you give us the right to charge your credit card for any outstanding cost.
In the case that the apartment is managed by us you hereby give your approval and consent for CLA to charge your credit card for any costs of damage. If your card has insufficient funds other actions will be taken.



Loss of keys

You will be charged 30 euros for each lost set of keys. If it´s neccessary to have a change of lock you will also need to be charged for this.




Please respect the neighbours in the building by not making to much noice especially between 10pm-10am.  Disturbances may result in immidiate eviction with no refund.



Unlawful activites

Any illigal activites are such as drugs or prostitution is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If this arise police will be contacted and you will be asked to leave with no refund. 




The content of this website www.citylivingapt.com including text, graphics, design and  software is copyright of CLA.




CLA nor the apartment owner bare no responsibility direct or indirect to property loss, damage or injury that may arise.
CLA is not hold responsible if the information stated on each apartment page is not correct.. 

The website

CLA reserves the right to changed any information, prices and pictures shown on this website at any time.


The TERMS AND CONDITIONS may undergo changes which shall be notified to the Users by announcement on the web page.

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